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    Molds for industrial, food, medical and sports sectors

    Sku: CS-001
    Proveedor: CS Plastic


    We are supplier of important multinational companies in different industrial sectors.

    The components we produce are part of products that are present in nuclear power plants, in the textile sector, in industrial equipment, automation and construction (some examples).

    Our production equipment allows us to manufacture plastic components of high precision, responding to the demands of our customers.

    Household Aplliances

    Companies see in CS Plastic a partner they can trust to manage large complex projects with a high number of components.

    In the area of home appliances we have turnkey solutions. We manage from the development, electronic incorporation, assembly, packaging to the delivery of the final product.

    For the production of components for household appliances we have technologies like IMD and pad printing that are used to produce parts with customized prints.

    Major companies in the industry rely on CS Plastic for the production of their products.

    Sportive Sector

    Our customers are internationally awarded companies through differentiation and quality of their products and they know that the design and functionality are the key of success.

    We help our customers to select the best materials and develop their plastic components in order to obtain high quality products.

    Nowadays it is important to be fast and have the product on the market first than competition. So it is necessary to have a partner with domestic capacity at all stages of the production of plastic components.


    In this sector we highlight the millions of coffee capsules we have produced. All parts are controlled 100 % by artificial vision, which is a guarantee of quality for our customers.

    We have experience in developing various types of coffee capsules adapted to different machines.

    In this sector we also produce products for kitchenware, where we have the bi- injection technology ( two different materials injection) and IMD (in mould decoration).

    We follow the best practices and have a quality management system that ensures compliance with all the rules applicable to the sector.

    We have know-how in the production of biodegradable polymer products.

    Electronic Sector

    Our internal production capacity of prototypes is important for our customers, as they can quickly test the products in similar conditions without doing major investments in molds.

    In CS Plastic we inject practically all thermoplastics from high consumption of polymers such as PP or PS, to special polymers of high performance such as PEEK, PES or PSU.

    The quality and precision of our production is critical to ensure the reliability of products.


    In this sector we produce technical parts that are used in the hospital sector and in pharmacies by millions of users.

    Our customers are international equipment companies, medical supplies and dental prosthetics labs, which rely on CS for the production of the plastic components.

    The experience gained over the years allows us to work in the medical sector with security, guaranteeing the best market practices and compliance with all required standards, giving assurances that the design and production have high quality.