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    Representante comercial (USA)

    Sku: TT-partnership
    Proveedor: TRIVIALTEX
    (English Only)

    TRIVIALtex started its operations producing polyamide 6.6 Fibre. Progressive investments in texturizing, twisting, dyeing and winding operations made TRIVIALtex a reliable and high quality supplier of reference of polyamide 6, polyamide 6.6 and Polyester for the textile market.

    TRIVIALtex has two differentiated business units: Polyamide and Polyester business units making it a leading Synthetic Fibres company. The company have accumulated technical experience over the years, and is making every attempt to enhance business core competence in Synthetic Fibres, and providing a one-stop process from design, development, processing and post-processing, in other words, providing a more complete service and total solution to the customers.

    The main focus is in producing innovative and professional value-added products. Targeting to be associated with professional fabric makers and brands around the world to become their strategic partner.


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