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    Textile Manufacturer of Clothing

    Sku: IC-Conf
    Proveedor: Island Cosmos

    IC - IslandCosmos, LDA is a textile company with a strong vocation in the area of ​​Innovation and Design that is dedicated to the industrial sale of knitwear (warpknit and weftknit) and can share its production through partner-customers.

    Its mission is the satisfaction and success of its customer by providing innovative, sustainable and value-added products.

    It is a company that works with respect for social responsibility, having employees of both genders, aged between 25 and 60. Associating the academic training of some with the professional experience of older people. As is evident, there is no wage, religious or any other type of discrimination, and employees are obliged to complete an annual survey on their work and that of the company to be evaluated with the general director in order to improve the quality of service of the company company and the work of the employee.

    With this objective, the concern of IC's client managers is the understanding of the clients' needs and the presentation of proposals and / or developing products that meet those same needs, also providing information necessary for the optimization of the product.

    To achieve functionally innovative and sustainable products, IC uses raw materials that strictly comply with European Community legislation on production rules in the social area, knitting and ennobling (finishing and dyeing).