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    Activewear Manufacturer

    Código do Produto: redkey4-17
    Fornecedor: REDKEY
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    Private Label



    step by step we will build together your brand

    Ready to go or Custom made? 

    Both options will be with YOUR OWN logo.
    Ready to go is faster, as you will select from our designs (you will select designs, colors and we will produce it with your label)
    Custom Made: You will send us digital pictures or sketches of the swimsuit tops and bottoms you like.


    After choosing the styles you want for your new collection, you can then choose fabric patterns, colors and accessories.
    You can choose from the many fabrics on our website to use in your collection. We will provide color swatches for you to approve prior to production.
    If you want a specific print, just need to send us the design file. 
    Design as many styles as you like but remember each sample prototype requires an upfront fee of development per style.
    At this point we will be able to determine the cost of producing each model. Prices vary depending on the materials and accessories used.


    During the development stage we'll be exchange ideas and provide feedback. 


    Preview and approve all samples before they go into production. Decide on what sizes you want to offer.


    We can grade sizes XS thru 2X. Our most common breakdown is 2-S, 4-M, 4-L, 2-XL. But if you have larger women you may want 4-L,4-XL and 4-2X. We want you to succeed and this is where we differ tremendously from any other manufacturer.


    Depending on the complexity of producing each model, delivery can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks.