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    Terms and Conditions

     I General Terms and Conditions


    1. Portal is managed and owned by the company OLIVEIRA PAIVA & MOTA Lda, NIPC 513834443, headquartered at Rua da Autarquia 89, 4770-468 Vermoim, enrolled at Braga’s Commercial Registry Office.
    2. Portal is a Business Portal (hereinafter "Industrial MarketPlace"), which allows buyers of legal age (hereinafter, "Buyers"), after registering on the website, to contact, through this platform, industrial and producing companies, also registered on the Portal (hereinafter, "Suppliers"), with the aim of establishing new contacts with Suppliers, who present their products and sales conditions.
    3. Portal reserves the right to change these General Conditions of Contract and Use without prior notice, being any changes published on the website
    4. Portal only intermediates deals between Buyer and Supplier, so transactions are always carried out directly between them, as well as the final agreement on payable amounts, means and costs of delivery and respective payment terms.
    5. It is up to Portal to ensure proper compliance with the proposed terms and conditions, being able to make changes to them without prior notice.


    II General Terms and Conditions for Buyers

    1 OBJECT 

    1.1  General Terms and Conditions for Buyers are aimed at defining the conditions under which the Portal makes available to Buyers, within the Service scope, technological tools used to establish a connection through the opening of a potential deal with new potential Suppliers.
    1.2 Portal only interacts with Suppliers, so commercial transactions are always carried out between them and the Buyer. 


    2.1 Membership can be made through the platform available online -
    2.2 The service membership date provided by Portal matches this instrument provisions acceptance date by the member.


    3.1 Proposed prices serve as basis for opening contact, and the price may vary slightly, upon final agreement between Buyer and Supplier.
    3.2 Portal reserves the right to modify, at any time, the information and commercial offer presented regarding products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services.
    3.3 It is strictly forbidden to introduce links, contacts, emails and personal data in the comments made about the products.
    3.4 Photographs presented on the website are merely illustrative. As such, the Portal recommends that the Client consults the product detailed description, in order to obtain complete information about the respective characteristics. The Client may even resort to prior contact with the relevant Supplier.
    3.5 Products identified on Portal are subject to stock availability by the Supplier, who will be in charge of contacting the Buyer, in order to identify their availability and agree on delivery times and payment methods.


    4.1 The Service includes an evaluation system that allows the Buyer to assess the quality of his relationship with the Supplier.
    4.2 Nevertheless, aiming the quality improvement of its services and in order to allow a better selection of its partners, Portal invites you to transmit all comments and suggestions you wish to bring to its attention, in regard the quality operations carried out through the Service.
    4.3 For this purpose, you can always report any additional information, using the "Report Information/Problem" link. Thus, a Support Ticket is open, directed to our Technical Support.


    5.1 Portal administration will check the deal and supplier companies’ authenticity.
    5.2 Portal will ensure impartial advertising, except in spaces that may be hired independently for this purpose, such as banners or product highlight. 


    6.1 Portal team is responsible for announcing products and quantities and presenting their characteristics.
    6.2 Portal aims at the possibility of establishing contact with new Suppliers, being able to generate budgets estimates, not selling the products directly to the final consumer. It thus serves as a connecting bridge.
    6.3 Final negotiation and after-sales service of the advertised products are Supplier’s responsibility. Thus, Portal will not be an integral part of any conflict


    III General Terms and Conditions for Suppliers

    1 OBJECT

    1.1  The General Terms and Conditions for Suppliers aim to define the conditions that Portal makes available to Sellers, within the Service scope, technological tools that allow their products exhibition and the reception of Leeds and new potential deal partners. 


    2.1  It is team’s responsibility to introduce and manage the products and all the respective configurations that lead to generating potential deal for Suppliers on the portal. To this end, the Supplier must provide all relevant information for the display of its articles.
    2.2  Operations are carried out through the Service, within the scope of opening potential deals, settled directly between the Buyer and the Supplier. Portal is not, under any circumstances, a reseller of the products proposed by Suppliers through the Service, nor will it charge commissions on the potential deals generated.
    2.3  To use the Service, the Supplier must use the email address and password created when opening his account. The Supplier undertakes to keep them secretly and not to disclose them to third parties. In effect, the Supplier will be solely responsible for his Service accessing.
    2.4  In case of astray, embezzlement or fraudulent use of your email address and/or password, the Supplier undertakes to immediately notify the Portal’s commercial service.
    2.5  The Supplier undertakes to return feedback to Portal on the receipt of a new potential business, which will be sent immediately after the customer finalizes the order and submission. This feedback must be given within 24 hours after the Buyer’s order and can be sent by text message, email or phone call. In the absence of such feedback, the Portal will inform the Buyer of the Supplier's unavailability, suggesting new Suppliers. 


    3.1  It is considered an infraction when Suppliers occur in actions that damage the Portal’s image and proper functioning. The following are considered infractions:
    - Absence or difficulty in communicating with the Portal team;
    - Absence of feedback to Portal up to 24 hours after receiving a new potential deal;
    - Inaccurate or incomplete product information;
    - Possible situations or information that call into question the transparency and quality of the provided service by Portal;
    - Lack of communication with Buyers during and after negotiation. 

    3.2  In response to infractions made by Suppliers that call into question a bad image of the service and other Suppliers on the Portal, it is up to to decide the best way of resolution, which may even lead to the expulsion of the Supplier at stake and its articles, in order to maintain the best information, transparency and reliability in the provided service to Buyers.


    4.1 The Supplier must always be a collective person or have the status of an individual entrepreneur, and must correctly identify himself to Buyers.
    4.2 The Supplier undertakes to comply with the applicable legislation regarding the exercise of a commercial activity (namely registration, accounting, contributory and tax obligations).
    4.3 The Supplier undertakes, namely, to comply with the legislation to which he is subject as a professional, which is his exclusive responsibility, regarding to the products he promotes on the Portal, including the legislation on the guarantee of consumer goods and, consequently, the legislation on the information reporting obligation.
    4.4 The Supplier undertakes to make every effort to best fulfill its obligations, providing a quality service to Buyers.
    4.5 To this end, the Supplier undertakes, namely, to respond to the Buyer’s and Portal team’s email messages, within a maximum period of 24 hours on working days, starting counting from the reception time.


    5.1   The Supplier undertakes and ensures that it will only promote on the Portal products of which it is the owner or over which it has rights that allow its sale. The Supplier ensures that the products do not violate either the current legislation or the applicable standards, whether mandatory or not (in particular with regard to games and toys sale) and that they do not prejudice the third parties’ rights. Accordingly, the Supplier undertakes, namely, to not sell any product that constitutes a counterfeit work, under the Copyright and Related Rights terms, or any product whose commercialization is regulated by legislative, regulatory or contractual provisions (namely due to the existence of a selective distribution network). The Supplier is solely responsible for promoting on the Portal products he proposes in the Service.
    5.2 The Supplier undertakes to act in good faith, being solely responsible for the indication’s accuracy contained in said descriptive and undertakes that they do not create a risk of misleading potential Buyers, both with regard to products’ characteristics as with regard to its condition or price, communicating to Buyers all information that allows them to learn about the product’s essential characteristics (if applicable, product composition, included accessories, origin, among others).


    6.1 Price must be indicated on the Portal with all taxes, fees and expenses included (namely VAT, packaging costs, EcoReee, among other attributes or charges), but with the exception of transport costs, which are subsequently agreed with the Buyers.


    7.1 The Supplier is informed by email, where the respective budget summary is included, when a product that has been placed on line is included in a business list by a Buyer. Upon receipt, he should immediately contact the Buyer in order to finalize the proposed budget.
    7.2 Likewise, the Supplier undertakes to regularly consult, and at least once on each business day, his email messages at the address provided to Portal at the time of opening his account. He should also ensure that the Portal email is validated in his safe senders list and that it is not reported for SPAM.
    7.3 In case of absence or unavailability, the Supplier must inform the Portal, so that it communicates that the Supplier is temporarily closed, such as in "vacation mode". That information will be placed on all his products, with the respective service return date. 


    8.1 Companies that can be suppliers are considered to be any companies that produce their own products, as well as suppliers or resellers legally licensed and with authorization from the respective brands they sell.
    8.2 Prices may vary due to the lack or excess of companies in the same trade area on Portal and due to the article quantity they wish to promote. Thus, each case will be duly budgeted in advance, and there may be experimentation periods (called “Trial Period”), with limited articles on the portal and up to a maximum of 3 months.


    (last update on 09/03/2023)